20 lessons in life

A long time ago a girl wrote me a letter where she explained why she never wanted to see me again. It was in Swedish but full of quotes in English.
This made me curious, I thought that maybe it was lyrics from her favourite rock band or something. When I googled, I found out it was from a self help book called 45 lessons in life.
Yeah, that's right. You need a Self help book to get rid of me.

This has nothing to do with her, but it inspired me to write my own Lessons in life.

So here it is, 20 important lessons from Olof's life:

If you are thinking about going home from the pub at midnight – do it. It´s very seldom that you regret that you didn’t stay two more hours and get even more drunk, but very often you regret that you did.


Watch out for party smokers. They are the ones who always ask for fags.


Never discuss important things in a letter, a text message or an email. Talk about it, or forget the whole thing.


If somebody flatters you they are after something. If you are lucky, it´s your body. If you are unlucky it´s money, and in the worst case it’s your soul.


People who tell you over and over again how much they hate drugs, drinks too much.


Maybe money will not make you happy. But lack of money will make you unhappy.


If a woman tells you that all men are pigs except you. Run away – it´s just a question of time before she acusses you of the same thing.


It´s better to follow your conscience than to follow the law.


People who are complaining about high taxes, have too much money.


If somebody ask you if you have a drinking problem. Look the person straight in the eyes, and answer very serious and short:


He will never ask you again.


Don´t feel old but don´t pretend that you are young. The years you lived are precious  and you shouldn´t deny them.


You can´t like everybody, so you don´t have to give everybody a chance.


Never ask somebody twice if he wants a drink. He had a reason to say no the first time.


Avoid the police and thieves.


If you realize a book is bad after 50 pages. Read something else.


You will never learn from your mistakes. Just recognize them.


Don´t do the crime if you can´t do the time.


Never try to explain yourself to people who don´t understand.


Never listen to bad music or stupid people. You have no reason to.


Listen to advice, but remember, you don´t have to follow it.


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