Dundalkians are Danes

Dundalk mentioned in Roddy Doyle´s new book


This was too long to write at Facebook but I wanted to share with my friends that our town is mentioned in Roddy Doyle´s new book Two Pints.
It´s not very flattering but pretty funny. So here is the conversation between two old men at a pub:



- You know this Norwegian cunt?
- The guy in the court?
- Him - yeah.
- Breivik or something.
- Yeah.
- What about him.
- Yeh know he starts the day with the Nazi salute - his version of it, like?
- Yeah.
- Would you do tha?
- No.
- Grand.
- Why would I start me day doin´ the fuckin´ Nowegian Nazi salute.
- So you´ll stick with the fartin´, yeah?
- Fuck off now.
- It´s hard to get your head around it, isn´t it?
- Wha?
- Norwegian Nazis.
- We gave those cunts a hidin´ in 1014, an´anyway - in the Battle of Clontarf.
- Tha was the fuckin´ Danes.
- Same thing.
- Is it?
- Not now. Back then, but.
- Really?
- Yeah. Back then, "Danes" referred to all the Nordies - anyone north of the airport.
- The fuckin´ airport?
- Where it is now, yeah.
- So - say - all the fuckers in Dundalk were Danes.
- Yeah. Except worse.
- How come?
- Well you know the way the Danes - the genuine ones, like - left Denmark in their fuckin´ canoes, so they could pillage an´ rape everythin´?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, well, the Dundalk Danes didn´t bother leavin´ . They just pillaged stuff they already owned and raped their cousins an their fuckin´ catlle an´tha´.
- It hasn´t changed, so.
- Not much, no.


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