Two and a half year in Ireland

Today I´ve been two and a half year in Ireland and that´s a little bit of a milestone. I have to say it has been an interesting time.
So, what happened so far?


I´ve met hundreds of good, nice people
thousands of lunatics
at least ten thousand dole bums
and a hundred thousand pissheads

I´ve heard Fairytale of New York a million times
Celtic Symphony two million times
And the words recession and emigration on the news 
three million times

I sold four million pens
made five million phone calls
and received six million emails from my bosses where they tell me to call and sell more

I played seven million tunes on the jukebox 
had eight million pints of Guiness
and smoked nine million polish fags

and it must be ten million times somebody told me
”Are you from Sweden, that beard makes you look Irish”


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